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Mission Accomplished Consulting

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If your company is like most, there is limited time and resources to take on those important projects that will drive your strategic objectives!  Balancing risk management with cash flow needs is always a challenge for small businesses.  By partnering with my team at Mission Accomplished Consulting, you will have access to expertise that will decrease employment litigation risks, decrease unemployment tax rates, decrease workers compensation rates, and transform your culture to one of excellence that drives optimal performance!

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Manufacturing  •  Healthcare Industry  •  Small & Medium Sized Businesses  •  Nonprofits

Our client may be:
• A manufacturing company or healthcare agency burdened by costly turnover.
• A growing business who is subject to more laws and regulations than they were in the past.
• A client who needs access to HR expertise for projects or as issues arise, but can't incur the overhead costs.


See what our clients are saying!


"Denise's HR expertise and personalized services have been instrumental in helping us grow, save money and win numerous prestigious small business and safety awards.  Her extensive knowledge of labor laws and risk management strategies allow us to simplify the complexities of our multi-state, federal and commercial contracting business.  I can attest to the quality results of the wide range of Hr Management services she and her team provides!" 
S. Richard Hagins
CEO / US&S Inc.

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