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HR Management Services

Mission Accomplished Consulting

HR Management - As Needed 
If you need access to an HR expert but don't have the resources to hire one, we have the solution!
For a monthly retainer, you pay for the HR Management services you need without the costly overhead of hiring an in-house HR Manager or Director!
Our HR Management Services Program gives your company access to an HR professional when you need them on an ongoing basis!  
Focus on your business, optimize cash flow and have your HR and risk management needs met!
PERFECT Solution for:
  • Small Businesses with less than 50 employees
  • Growing Businesses with more than 50 employees and additional laws to comply with!
  • Nonprofits who want to optimize cash flow!
  • Businesses with an in-house HR administrator who needs additional support to address regulatory needs.
All  HR Services Programs are Tailored to Your Unique Needs!
Our flexible monthly retainer program give you access to any and all of the following services:
Remote Off-Site & On-Site Availability


  • Ongoing and as needed consultations and risk assessments regarding all terms of employment including, hiring, transferring and terminations.

  • ADAA / Reasonable Accommodation Assessments and documentation.

  • Ongoing training of key employees to prevent recurrence of risky situations.

  • Ongoing consultation with regard to employee investigations.

  • Work comp and unemployment claim administration.

HR Manager & Director Services
  • Perfect for businesses without an HR Manager.
  • Perfect for business who have an HR Manager, but want to expand access to risk management and legal compliance expertise.
HR Administrator Services
  • Perfect for businesses who need support for HR administration, such as onboarding, payroll, work comp and unemployment administration, etc. but who can't hire an in-house administrator.
Our clients determine how many hours of access to an HR expert per month is needed.
  • For example:  2 hours per month, for a 1 year contract would be 24 hours to use for the year!  ​  
Clients control the costs with our unique and predictable client-centered pricing structure. 
  • HR needs change from month to month!  We want our clients to call us when they need us without worrying about extra costs! 
  • If our client is paying for 2 hours per month, but they need to use 6 hours one month, the client has the flexibility to determine whether they will pay for those additional hours or not! 
How our HR Management Services Program works:
  • If a client exceeds their monthly hours, they can adjust the time in subsequent months so that they don't exceed their total hours designated for the life of the contract.
    • For example, they may use 2 hours one month, 5 hours next month, 1 hour the following month.  
  • At the end of the contract, the client pays the difference at the same hourly rate.  
    • If the contract is extended, the client can carry over two months worth of their monthly retainer balance into the new contract.
  • Unused hours carry over from month to month.
Full transparency and no surprises!  
  • Each month clients receive a full accounting of hours so they always know their balance and can control how they choose to use it!
  • At any point in the contract, the client may choose to increase or decrease the monthly retainer based on average utilization.
 Whether your company needs 2 or 40 hours of access to an HR expert per month, we will accommodate!  
What Makes Our Services So Unique?
Contact Denise For More Information on HR Management Services 
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