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Client Testimonials

See what some of our clients are saying!

"Denise's HR expertise and personalized services have been instrumental in helping us grow, save money and win numerous prestigious business and safety awards.  Her extensive knowledge of labor laws and risk management strategies allow us to simplify the complexities of our multi-state, federal and commercial contracting business.  I can attest to the quality results of the wide range of HR management services she and her team provides!"


-S. Richard Hagins  CEO / US&S, Inc. Facilities Support Services



“Denise is an accomplished HR manager. We have a mutual client who has numerous employees and independent contractors . She handles payroll, WC and assurance of contractor independent status very well. These three things are critical to our clients success. ”

- Rich Cleys  CPA / Financial Consulting Services

“I have worked with Denise on a number of projects and she has always been very professional and attentive to the client and task at hand. I highly recommend working with Mission Accomplished Consulting LLC”

- Darren Cioffi   CBMS Consulting Services


"It (the Performance Evaluation Cycle Training) was very informative!  She actually prepared examples using our organization's performance appraisal form as a learning tool.  These were put into our training manual.  These will definitely be useful in the future!  The instructor (Denise) was excellent -  I wish we had more time with her!"

- Judy Simmons, Day Hab Supervisor, Greenville County Disabilities & Special Needs Board



"The instructor (Denise) was excellent!  All learning objectives were absolutely met!  Denise was prepared with all materials for class.  The workbook will definitely be very helpful in the future!"

- Jacqueline Vernon, Day Hab Program Supervisor, Greenville County Disabilities & Special Needs Board



"It (Performance Evaluation Cycle Training Program)  was very good. The information in the handouts and presentation will definitely be useful in the future!"

- Mary S., Day Hab Program Supervisor - Greenville County Disabilities & Special Needs Board



"E for Exceeds!  Her [management] training program [The Performance Evaluation Cycle] was specific to our management needs for growth!  Denise went above and beyond expectations when she initiated the creations of a new Performance Evaluation and new instructions which will be used for all future staff evaluations!"

- Keely Simmons, Human Resources Director, Laurens County DSN Board



"She was positive and enthusiastic about what she was teaching!  I really enjoyed the class [Conducting a Legal & Effective Interview]." 


- Brandon Medlin, Residential Program Manager, Laurens County DSN Board



“Denise Scotti-Smith was a valued member of the William Floyd Community Summit, a large not-for-profit civic organization, for 6 years. She was elected as an At-Large Member and eventually was elected to serve on the Board of Directors, where she was a major influence on the organization. Mrs. Scotti-Smith worked diligently to assist us in becoming a more professional group by creating a Strategic Plan which was implemented by our Board of Directors and is still used today. She assisted our organization in many ways, including but not limited to fundraising, writing and securing grants and working on public relations. Denise was the epitome of what being a member of a community organization should be and her valued assistance has been greatly missed since she moved.”  

- Beth Wahl, President, William Floyd Community Summit



"I highly recommend Denise as a consultant if you’re looking to bring change to your organization.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with her in various capacities for 14 years.  Whether you’re looking to improve your corporate culture, increase the efficiency of your operation, redesign your organizational structure, coach your leaders or champion an unpopular decision – I’ve seen Denise do it all.   

As the Chief Operating Officer of a large organization, I’ve had to facilitate all of the above.  I attribute much of my own success to having Denise at the table throughout those challenges.  Like Denise, I consider myself to be a strategic thinker.  Leading through change is like a game of chess and you need to plan several moves ahead to be successful.  Of my senior team, Denise was always the one who quickly realized how I was planning my checkmate after only one or two moves.  Denise would then partner with me to help the rest of my senior team embrace the changes and carry out the plan.  In addition to garnering support for changes from those she supervised, I’ve consistently seen her motivate those whom she had no positional authority over.  This quality is a hallmark of true 
leadership, and another reason why I recommend Denise as a consultant.    

Her love for 
problem-solving is a big part of why I believe she is so effective.  She’s very in tune with external factors affecting an organization and has a history of initiating and advancing strategies that enable the organization to capitalize on them.  I’ve worked with many consultants over the years and have found many to be disingenuous and unconvincing; selling only promises and buzzwords.  Denise has a genuine and highly contagious positive attitude.  Denise consistently gives 150% and is the best choice if you are looking to partner with a consultant who will give you the most bang for your buck." 

- Paul Giotis / Chief Operating Officer / Nonprofit serving individuals with disabilities


"I’ve had the honor of working with Denise Scotti-Smith for over ten years, including in my role as her supervisor during my tenure as the Director of Quality Improvement for a large human service organization.  Denise has superior interpersonal skills which contributes to her ability to motivate employees at all levels as well as promote a positive corporate culture. 

Denise has a reputation for taking the most challenging and negative employees and single-handedly producing a team with open communication and positive attitudes.  Other large organizations have requested her as 
guest speaker to assist them in their staff development initiatives.   In addition, Denise was commended by The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) for her comprehensive and effective employee development program.  CARF is an independent nonprofit organization focused on advancing the quality of services and providing accreditation services internationally.  

In the spirit of continuous quality improvement, Denise has successfully developed, implemented, and monitored numerous innovative systems and processes.  Among her many accomplishments, she has implemented new recruitment and hiring systems, implemented systems for collecting and analyzing various Human Resources metrics including turnover data;  developed various training manuals, policies and procedures, a mentorship program and an Orientation program.  Systems that she has implemented have not only proven to be cost –effective and 
efficient, but have helped promote a positive corporate culture that has been pivotal in allowing us to fulfill our mission for providing quality services.  

Whenever a department was going through a transition and needed an “overhaul”, Denise stepped up to the plate during these critical times and has lead entry –level and clinical level employees.   Denise is a pragmatic professional with a great sense of humor, tremendous insight, and practical solutions to complex problems.  She is strongly committed to developing and promoting the organizational goals to achieve their mission!  Anyone who has the opportunity to hire her for on-site management training, 
consulting, and coaching will be highly satisfied."     

- Amy R. Walsleben / Director of Residential Services/ Epilepsy Foundation   



“I highly recommend Denise as a consultant, trainer, and coach, especially whenever change is necessary.  I am the Director of Quality Improvement for a large organization and have had the opportunity to work with Denise through many organizational changes. As organizations face leadership challenges, Denise is consistently able to create a transformation in the culture and develop and implement strategies necessary for long-term success.  She identifies steps for improving operations and presents a comprehensive view and clear vision to guide you through the steps.   She always accomplishes her objectives in a relatively short period.  You will find her to be a true motivator and one of the best!”

- Linnette Nappi / Director of Quality Improvement / Compliance Officer



"I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Denise when my employer hired her to be a Guest Speaker. I was inspired by her creativity and resourcefulness. Her ability to bond with the audience really made her presentations distinctive and successful. After our initial meeting, it was among one of my responsibilities to resolve a highly sensitive conflict between my organization and the one Denise was representing at the time.   During these potentially highly contentious times, I've seen her in action as she effectively guided both groups toward conflict resolution. Denise’s sensitivity, diligence, energy and sense of humor made working with her a joy. I've witnessed the effect she has on those who work with her. She's known for being fair-minded and non-judgmental, as well as for being a great teacher and role model for those around her! She is very personable and has a knack for seeing the big picture and helping those around her see it as well!

Since that time I had the pleasure of working with her on a number of different projects. In fact Denise was instrumental in the conception of a proposal I used to start up my own Art Therapy practice.

It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Denise without reservation. Her drive and abilities will truly be an asset to your establishment. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me."


- Reginald Morris / Director / The Art for Special People Program

"As an exceptional trainer, an amazing coach and a fabulous leader she is sure to broaden horizons and open your team’s eyes to pragmatic solutions!  Her ability to teach those around her the skills necessary to develop these same traits are one of her greatest strengths! You won’t be sorry that you hired her!" 

"I’ve worked with Denise for over 10 years in many capacities and among the many accomplishments she's had, she is best known for being able to plan and successfully facilitate the changing of an entire corporate culture from negative to positive. She’s developed many effective training curricula for rookie employees as well as seasoned leaders. Denise is a valuable person with a wealth of knowledge. In addition to her strong work ethic, she is an honest, dedicated and reliable professional and is known for treating people with dignity and respect.  Denise truly is a unique, wonderful person with a dynamite personality!  I highly recommend hiring Denise as your consultant. You will not be disappointed!"

- Mary Rosenwald  / Assistant Program Director of Residential Services



"I have known and worked with Denise for over 15 years as both her supervisor and colleague.  She's developed a reputation for getting long-term results by her “analytical, wanting to know why this happened and getting to the root cause” approach.  She is reliable, honest and a very positive influence on those she supervised and worked with.  

As her colleague, I often sought Denise out for her perspective on problems or issues I was facing.   I had the pleasure of attending numerous trainings Denise developed and taught over the years. She has the ability to make even the most mundane, but often necessary information tolerable for her audience.  She always took pride in knowing her participants gained valuable knowledge from her and constantly asked for feedback on how to make it better.  She is passionate about getting the information out there and ensuring the recipients understand.  Denise puts things into perspective and is able to modify her trainings to meet the needs and understanding of her audience. 

Denise knows “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and it takes time to change and perfect things.  She has the ability to get everyone on board and work toward the same goal."


- Alesia Krause/ Assistant Program Director of Residential Services



"As my supervisor, coach and trainer, I can personally attest to the fact that Denise Scotti-Smith gives 100% of herself to her work. She has a way of motivating others by teaching them to find deeper meaning in their work. 

By providing guidance, management tools and challenging goals, she teaches the skills that managers need to be successful. Time and again, I’ve seen her firm yet positive approach, enthusiasm and encouragement bring out the leadership potential of rookie managers as well as nurses and other clinical staff -  including during times when there was a consensus that the person couldn’t improve!  

As my coach, Denise has consistently role modeled integrity and respect for all people through all employment phases including the hiring phase and terminations.  In the various leadership positions I've held since I worked with her, I still use the skills she taught me, and share them with those in the numerous departments I currently supervise. I highly recommend Denise’s consulting, training, and coaching services.  I’ve witnessed first hand the positive effect she has on an organization and those whom she comes into contact with!" 

- Stacy Gaynor Irizarry -  Auditor for NYS Office of Persons with Developmental  Disabilities (OPWDD),  Past Supervisor of 6 IRAs  - United Cerebral Palsy


"I have attended a series of management trainings that were done by Denise Scotti-Smith. Denise possesses excellent training and teaching skills! Her workshops were so beneficial to me as I transitioned into Management. Denise exhibits charisma, passion, patience and strong leadership abilities and I can honestly say that without her trainings I probably wouldn't have felt confident enough to seek promoting to a higher position within my company. Denise was able to keep the workshops interesting...never boring, she has a wonderful sense of humor! I can honestly say that Denise is one of the BEST!"


- Brenda Hudson / Individual Residential Alternatives (IRA) Program Manager  /Epilepsy Foundation of LI

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