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HR Outsourcing

Mission Accomplished Consulting


Over 70% of all businesses outsource one or more functions!
Of businesses who outsource human resource functions:

  • 57%  outsource training & management development programs

  • 54%  outsource executive development & coaching

Why Outsource?
  • Save money

  • Focus on strategy & spend less time spreading internal resources too thin

  • Improve compliance with employment law & regulations

  • Improve accuracy & quality

  • Draw upon expertise & a greater knowledge base.

Research by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)

HR Management Services

  • Fractional HR Services-For a monthly retainer, you pay for only the services you need!  

  • On-Site & Remote Off-Site packages available.

  • Employment litigation, risk management and asset protection consulting services. 

  • Employee investigations and corrective actions.

Temporary HR Assistance:

  • If you have an HR vacancy, we can help with some functions until you fill it permanently!

Employee Handbook and Safety Manual 

  • Policy and procedure development.

Job Descriptions

  • ADA Compliant Job Descriptions.

Recruitment & Screening Services

  • Pre-employment testing, screening, background and reference checks.

  • Job descriptions.

  • Guaranteed placement.

Complete HR audits.

  • Avoid $1000's in potential fines!

  • Ensure legal compliance of employee files.

  • Ensure proper assignment of exempt, non-exempt and independent contractor status.

Employee Development

  • Leadership coaching for new &

        seasoned managers.

  • Design and / or implement

       new-employee orientation programs.

  • Mentorship program implementation      

        for managers / employees.

  • Design and implementation of a management development program.

  • Develop a "train the trainer" program for in-house trainers.

  • Develop & provide yearly mandatory training programs (ie.Sexual harassment training).

Performance Management Systems

Strategic & Succession Planning

  • Strategic planning workshops.

  • Off-Site Leadership Retreats.


Quality Assurance & Corporate Compliance 

  • Improve systems of oversight.

  • Increase efficiency.

  • Implement audit systems for human services.

  • Facilitate changes that increase compliance  with federal & state auditing entities (ie.  OPWDDDHEC, etc.).

Don't wait until the Department of Labor or the EEOC comes knocking at your door! 


Call us today!

Don't wait for the EEOC or Department of Labor to knock at your door!

Contact us today!

 Our A'La Carte Menu of HR Services Tailored to Your Needs!  
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